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About me

I'm currently studying Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and Product Design at A-Level.

I enjoy, and spend a lot of time, developing and designing.











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This portfolio contains all of the projects that I have either completed, or am in the process of completing.


FN-Bot is an application which posts updates to Twitter when Fortnite's API is updated. This is used to keep people up to date about the latest in-game news and shop updates. The bot is used by almost 400 people, and the images that are posted are seen by thousands each day.

Neon Signs

These are profile pictures which have been designed to look like the types of neon sign you might see hanging outside a shop. These neon signs are made in two stages. First, they paths are made and coloured in Illustrator, and then I use Photoshop to add the glow effect, as well as adding the flickering animations.

Fortnite Companion

I worked with @FortniteBR, one of the biggest Fortnite news accounts on Instagram in order to create a suite of tools that allows them to easily generate images for them to post.

.NET Twitter API Library

A lot of C# libraries exist to interact with Twitter, however none provide the functionality that I wanted for projects I was working on. I designed the library to make it easy to post the same image to many different twitter accounts, without having to upload the image for each user.

FN-Bot Website

In order for FN-Bot to be customisable by the people using it, I created a website to function alongside it. The site provides a customisation dashboard and lots of other pages full of information from the Fortnite APIs.

Notification Gnome

Notification Gnome is a Discord bot, which is designed to allow a server owner/admin send notifications to server members in an aesthetically pleasing way. It also allows for a notification role to be pinged at the same time to alert members.

Jewellery Storage CAD

For my A-Level Product Design course, I had to use CAD to create 6 design ideas for new/innovative ways to store jewellery. On the right, is three of these ideas. They all match the style I decided on, and the bottom image is the one that I eventually made into my final project.

BHCJuniors Website

I designed and built the Brooklands Hockey Club junior section website. This is where members of the juniors can find information about training times and fixtures. It also allows coaches to login to the site and quickly update it with breaking news.

Visualiser Wallpapers

I wanted a minimal desktop background that I wouldn't mind seeing everyday, and although I do like a very minimalist style, the triangles on their own were boring, so I used and customised some Rainmeter plugins to create a live wallpaper that moves with my music.


As the seasons have passed in Fortnite, it has become progressively harder to reach "Level 100". To help people get to this level before the season ends and levels are reset, I created a program which will check for specific buttons on the screen, and then press them for the user, to continuously queue them into new games to earn XP. It has two modes, one for typical 1920×1080, and one for custom resolutions.


This is a project which is currently a work in progress. The end product will be able to purchase shoes/other clothing items from online stores on behalf of a user, so that they don't have to themselves. The most recent addition to the project was a window for allowing proxies to be recorded and tested.


This is a proof of concept application showing how different pathfinding algorithms can be used to find the shortest path through a grid/maze.


This is a tool designed to return key gene and transcript information in a useful format from research APIs.

ShareX Uploader

ShareX is an application used to take screenshots on Windows. This application allows for ShareX screenshots to be uploaded to a media server.

Show-My-Homework Desktop

As part of Dan Tarr's SMHW Desktop App project, I converted the application's style sheets to a "dark mode".